Growing and Manufacturing Garlic - it's big business!

The Schild Family know a thing or two about garlic.  With everything from growing to manufacturing the end product right here on the farm, Wayne, Tracey, Daniel and Tara are all integral in the success of Grange Garlic. 

A few weeks back, the Let's Get Rural crew visited our garlic farm so they could experience it first hand - and they did just that!   They weren't afraid to get their hands dirty,  taste our garlic straight from the paddock and ask us all about our garlic farm and "why garlic?".

Let's Get Rural is a project under the 'Beef it UP Australia' initiative that highlights small rural towns, local makers and the communities. 

Now, Tones and Flemo are a couple of laidback lads, which suited us fine as it made it really easy to chat to them about everything we know about garlic and the amazing properties that 'lil' ole' garlic actually has. 

Strap yourself in and watch the full video (35 minutes of all the garlic goodness)  There is a lot to our story and much more to growing garlic than first meets the eye that's for sure!


 The video covers so much, including:

- why we chose the Southern Grampians & why grow garlic?

- the multiple varieties we can grow and why they do well

- how it is processed fresh at commercial scale (and an Australian first!) and how it ends up in our tubs

- the qualities of garlic - even the first Olympians used it!

- garlic seed stock, fresh minced garlic and our innovative vertically integrated business 

- the opportunities that garlic presents for growers

- how to use our fresh minced garlic and cooking tips (it packs a flavour punch!)

- the operations and maintenance requirements  ~ and how it keeps Daniel out of mischief :-)

- what our rural community means to us 

(and an insight in to what a road trip with Tones, Flemo ~ and the dog ~ is like!)