Where can I buy Grange Garlic?

See our stockists page for a full list of locations to purchase minced Grange Garlic.

Otherwise, you can purchase our garlic products from our online store.


Why is it half as much for twice the flavour?

Our minced garlic is quite different from any other processed garlic you may have used. Grange Garlic is all Australian and fresh. We have gone to great lengths to scientifically unravel the mystery of stabilising the potency of fresh minced garlic. Five years of laboratory testing has enabled us to capture in a tub the full flavour profiles that garlic has to offer. Use it as if you had just peeled and chopped it yourself.


What is the best way to store my garlic?

For freshness, keep your minced garlic refrigerated. Always use a clean spoon so that the tub does not become contaminated.


How long will the garlic last once opened?

If you follow the instructions on the label, keep it refrigerated and don't contaminate it, it will easily achieve it's best before date.